iTunes Promo

iTunes is still the kingpin when it comes to music downloads, and despite competition from the likes of Spotify and other streaming platforms, it remains one of the world’s largest music retailers. With millions of users all over the globe, iTunes’ front pages are the perfect place to reach legions of new fans for free. But how can independent artists get their music featured?

Despite the myth that only major label artists can get this coveted promotional placement, in reality, any track distributed independently through Ditto Music can be considered for placement.

There’s no guarantee of a front page iTunes placement, especially if you’re unsigned, but here are some tips to boost your chances of being featured.





The folks at iTunes tend to choose featured artists weeks in advance of their placement, so it’s important to select a release date around three to four weeks after you upload your music. This way, you’ll have lots of time to promote it and rack up the pre-order sales you’ll need for iTunes to take notice (find out more about iTunes pre-order below!).

You’ll also want to make sure your music is easy to find. Do you have clear links to your tracks from your website and social media pages? If fans can’t find your track, there’s no chance of selling enough to make an impact.


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